Transport Management

The Eureka TMS (MoveIT) is the future of transport planning software.

Our versatile system is capable of supporting the most complex transport operations and demanding workloads.




Workshop Management

MaintainIT our fleet maintenance software helps you manage workshop and maintenance activities to ensure you meet the regulatory and safety standards

It tracks the maintenance history of each vehicle and generates detailed reports with accurate costs. Helping to ensure to remain RSA and VOSA compliant, maintenance and servicing records are available at a touch of a button.




In-Cab Communications

Our in-cab communications smart phone apps allow for seamless real-time communication between the transport office and your drivers

on the road providing them with the technology to capture images of paperwork and obtain a delivery and/or collection signature all using their smart phone. 




Real Time Ferry Booking

Our new shipping software allows you to link directly with the major shipping companies and book your ferries online through our TMS. 

This online shipping software system means you simply add a ferry to a job without ever having to pick up the phone whilst saving you time and streamlining your business process.




Tech Spec Check

Minimum & Recommended Hardware Specifications

For optimum use of Eureka Move IT and mobile applications please view our latest minimum and recommended hardware specifications.