Affordable and User Friendly

Suitable for all types of haulage work  – full load, tipper, multi-drop, pallet operators, etc


Create orders automatically from a variety of sources.

  • Customer Web App: Let your customers create their own jobs on your system
  • Driver App –  Drivers can create jobs on the go, if that is a requirement.
  • Scheduled Jobs & Job Templates – Jobs can be auto-created on a schedule, repeat jobs can be saved as a template
  • Automated Job Imports – no need to manually input jobs. They appear in the TMS ready to plan.
  • EDI –  Jobs can be automatically imported from a variety of sources and file types, thanks to our extremely powerful EDI Engine
  • API – A web API is available, if you need advanced custom integration.
  • Auto Pricing –  Jobs can be priced automatically, based on a huge range of factors such as distance, postcode, weight etc

Create orders automatically from a variety of sources.





Optimised Job Planning

A suite of tools designed for live real-time planning

  • Auto Planning – Loads can be built automatically by the system, based on configurable rules such as vehicle capacity, geographic zone etc.
  • Drag-Drop – Plans can be built and amended by simple drag and drop interface
  • Manifesting – Collections\Deliveries can easily be grouped together on a manifest, and quickly assigned to driver or vehicle.
  • Vehicle capacity Easily Visualize capacity utilization
  • Route Optimisation – The most efficient route can be calculated instantly
  • Drivers Hours – Use real-time drivers hours data to make accurate planning decisions
  • Ferry Booking – Fully integrated with major ferry companies, bookings\amendments are sent automatically.





Realtime Updates

Planners are kept up-to-date in real-time. Minimize phone calls to Drivers, Provide better data which will result in better decisions.

  • Truck\Trailer tracking Location data from your telematics provider is available throughout our system.
  • Geofence status updates Job stages can be updated automatically as truck\trailers enter and leave geofences.
  • Real-time Drivers Hours  Live Driving hours data are visible to planners, simplifying planning decisions and compliance management.
  • Ferry Status  Live status updates are pulled from the ferry companies, planners can see which trucks or trailers have sailed, arrived or have missed a sailing




Proof of Delivery and 2-way messaging

Streamline and automate the communication between planners and drivers. Significantly reduce the time spent phoning and texting drivers.

  • Mobile App – DispatchIT is our Mobile App for Drivers, this provides access to full details of their jobs.
  • SMS, Email – 2-way communication is available using SMS and Email
  • Instant Messaging: Our TMS if fully integrated an instant messaging app, allowing instant 2-way messaging and other advanced features such as POD upload.
  • Third party integration – Our TMS is also integrated with leading In-Cab communication solution providers, such as Transics, ORBCOMM (Blue Tree Systems), Verizon (Fleetmatics) and Webfleet (formerly TOMTOM).
  • Electronic PODs – Signatures and POD images, can be captured on our mobile App or other sources and are automatically stored against the job. A fully paperless operation is possible.
  • POD Scanning – PODs and other documents, can easily be scanned in stored in our system.





Our TMS has a powerful invoicing module, which makes invoice creation, approval and sending quick and efficient

  • Minimal user interaction Invoices can be produced easily with a few clicks
  • Email invoices – Invoices can be emailed to your customers instantly. Invoices can include a copy of the PODs.
  • Accounts integration – Integrated with all major account’s software. e.g. Sage, QuickBooks etc.
  • Automation – Invoicing Process can be automated.





Flexible Reporting

Access and visualize your data in real-time with our powerful reporting engine.

  • Standard Reports – Ships with library of standard reports
  • Custom Reports – Create a custom report to get the exact data you need.
  • Automated Reporting – All Reports can be generated on a schedule, and automatically sent to the people who need it.
  • Dashboards – Key Data metrics can be visualized in customized Dashboards.

Integration Options

Our TMS can integrate with a huge range of systems out of the box.

  • Pallet Networks 
  • Telematics Providers
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Mapping Providers
  • Third Party Carrier APIs
  • Ferry Companies
  • Bespoke…We are experts when it comes to systems integration.

MoveIT …..the total transport solution has been saving our customers time and money for over 25 years