Eureka is Ireland’s largest supplier of transport management software to the Transport & Logistics industry, with over 4,000 daily users of our software. We’ve been been successfully developing our software solutions for over 25 years, continually expanding it with the best practices from some of the country’s leading hauliers.




Our Team

Our diverse team of software developers, engineers and technicians, allows us to offer a range of innovative software products and services that help our customers handle the day to day running of their business, cut costs and bring them closer to their customers.

Our Products

MoveIt is our flagship TMS solution that sits at the heart of many successful transport companies throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. We also offer a custom TMS solution for crane hire operators, as well as a range of other solutions to expand the capabilities of your TMS product.

Your Success is Our Priority

Because each transport company is unique, we recognise that “out of the box” solutions might not suit your business. Instead of trying to make your business fit the software, we can modify the software to fit your business; now and as your business grows. As a customer driven product, our software is constantly being redeveloped which is why it is still the most powerful and flexible system on the market.