Ferry Booking Management

Book, amend and cancel ferry bookings from within our TMS.


  • Amendment\Cancellations  – Sailings can be easily amended or cancelled as needed, confirmations are received from ferry company instantly
  • Timetable – Planners can select the appropriate sailing based on sailing time and supplier to ensure they are getting the most efficient or cost effective sailing.
  • Rates – The system can handle all surcharges and rebates, and can handle rates for different times of day, day of week and equipment type and more.


Live Updates

Real-time update from ferry companies of key events


  • Live status updates  – The status of ferry sailings are updated in real-time, keeping your planners up to date on progress.
  • Key Events – Events include, checked-in, cleared-customs, sailed, arrived, disembarked, left-port, missed-sailing.
  • Notifications – All events can be used to trigger notifications and other events in the system, to ensure proactive planning changes, or keeping you customer up to date.





Invoice Reconciliation

Manage Purchase Invoices received from Ferry Companies


  • Auto Import  – Invoices are imported directly from the ferry companies, no user interaction required
  • Auto Reconciliation – Invoices can be automatically verified to ensure they contain the correct rates etc
  • Manage by exception – Users can be notified of any anomalies found.
  • Accounts Integration – Once the Invoices have been passed, they can be transferred to your accounts management system.