Complete Daily Walkaround Check

Complete Checklist on phone

  • Daily Check – Complete the daily walkaround check on the phone

  • Signature – Record the signature.
  • Select Equipment – Select the equipment the checklist is for, notifies office of any defects.
  • Record Odometer – Record the odometer.
  • Pictures – Take pictures of any defects if required.
  • Notes – Set up different checklist for different equipment
  • Multiple Languages – Complete the checklist in a preferred language.
  • Pictures – Take pictures of any defects if required.





Office System

  • View Checklists – Easily see any checklists that have been completed on the phones.
  • Automatic Defect Export – Automatically export any defects found to the MaintainIT software.
  • Automatic Daily Reports – Get daily reports sent via email with details of checklists done, defects found, drivers not doing their checklist etc.
  • Manage Users – Easily add or remove users.
  • Manage Equipment – Add or remove equipment that’s on the app, assign checklists.
  • Import Equipment – Easily import any equipment from the MaintainIT software, see any equipment that has not been imported.






Custom Checklists

Configure or Create Checklists

  • Edit Checklists – Edit existing checklist to add or remove questions.
  • New Checklists – Set up new checklists to serve a variety of requirements, Washes / Incident Reports / Equipment Specific etc.
  • Custom Questions – Create questions to suit requirements.
  • Update MoveIT – Create checklists that can be used to update job details in MoveIT, or send PODs or signatures back to the office.
  • Save Images – Set up checklists which will have the Images save to easily retrievable locations in the office.